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Dentures Need Repair?

Contact us today to get them fixed or adjusted according to your requirements.

Visit Our Grande Prairie Clinic for Denture Relines, Repairs & Refits

At Chrenek Denture Clinic & Implant Centre, we understand that time without your teeth is time when your life is on hold. With broken dentures, you aren’t able to smile, speak clearly and you probably aren’t able to chew your food properly either. Not all ill-fitting, loose, or broken dentures require replacement. A reline or repair may be the solution. We can help you decide what the right solution for your teeth is, and offer quick yet quality relines and repairs. Call us today at our Grande Prairie clinic to talk to an expert denturist.


Like everything else, your gum tissue will change over time. After you’ve worn your dentures for a while, they may become loose or uncomfortable and require a routine relining. A reline does not affect the appearance of your dentures, only their comfort and correct fit.


Accidents happen, and dentures can be broken. You should never attempt to repair broken dentures with glue. The best and safest remedy for broken dentures is to immediately bring it to professional denturists like Chrenek Denture Clinic to see if it can be repaired.


With time, the structure of your jaw and gum tissues keeps changing, and you may find that the same denture that you have been wearing for a long time doesn't fit. Visit our expert denturists at Chrenek Dental Clinic to get your dentures fitted again so that you keep smiling.

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Denture Maintenance

For any concerns regarding your dentures, visit our dental clinic for reline, repair or refit services under the guidance of our expert denturists.

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