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Restore Your Happy Smile

Looking for reliable denturists for your new dentures? We’re happy to help!

Your Go-to Clinic for Complete Dentures in Grande Prairie

At Chrenek Denture Clinic & Implant Centre in Grande Prairie, we understand the difference a full set of teeth makes in helping you to look great and feel great. When all of a patient’s natural teeth are missing, a complete set of upper and lower dentures are needed. Complete dentures consist of a full set of acrylic teeth, which are permanently set into a custom-built acrylic base. Dentures are formed in such a way that they will fit comfortably and effectively on your mouth’s unique topography. Several appointments may be necessary in order to secure a correct fit because each patient is unique and will require different levels and types of adjustment before their new dentures match their needs.

Before Dentures

A quality set of conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been extracted and the healing process has started. However, not everyone heals in the same way or at the same speed. Most patients require a healing period of four to eight weeks before the mouth is ready for placement of conventional dentures.

Surgical Dentures Offer Immediate Solution

Unlike conventional dentures, surgical or “immediate” dentures are constructed prior to tooth extraction and are designed to be put in place immediately after the teeth are removed. Many patients request this service so that they do not have to be without teeth during the healing process. However, bones and gums can shrink and change shape as they heal, making a series of adjustments necessary in order to ensure a proper fit. It is crucial that you visit your denturist regularly throughout the healing process. During the first year, you will likely require temporary relines, as well as a permanent reline, after approximately one year.

Contact Chrenek Denture Clinic & Implant Centre today to find out more about complete dentures or to book a free consultation at our Grande Prairie clinic.

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Complete Denture Solutions

We provide complete denture solutions for your missing teeth so that you can smile again.

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